Nothing says “a new start” quite like a fruit tart!

Zesty Lemon Tart

“How would this do you, Bingo?” I said at length. “A few plovers’ eggs to weigh in with, a cup of soup, a touch of cold salmon, some cold curry, and a splash of gooseberry tart and cream with a bite of cheese to finish?”.
I don’t know that I had expected the man  actually to scream with delight, though I had picked the items from my knowledge of his pet dishes, but I had expected him to say something. I looked up, and found that his attention was elsewhere. He was gazing at the waitress with the look of a dog that’s just remembered where its bone was buried. ”

-P.G. Wodehouse

At the risk of appearing pretentious (and a tad moronic due to a lack of introduction to my NEW blog), P.G. Wodehouse is in my opinion one of the wittiest authors of all time. If you haven’t read any, I recommend ‘Summer Lightning’ to start you off but quite frankly, any of them should do the trick!

Now, first things second…. Thank you and welcome to my first ever blogging page, ‘ample servings’. This is a place in which I discuss food, food and oh, more food! If you haven’t noticed it yet, I adore everything food related. From researching recipes, cooking for friends of which I must mention the infamous ‘Drinking Gang’, baking a Tardis shaped cake just for kicks to finally, starting my Grand Diplome at the Cordon Bleu next September (hopefully), it is fair to say I am a little obsessed. As of late, I’ve made a bit of a career change from studying languages at University to learning to become a professional chef at cookery school in London. Needless to say, mother was horrified! Ho, ho, ho…Undoubtedly there will be a few hilarious stories to post a bit later on such as; slipping over a sly bit of vegetable peel on the kitchen floor or squashing my perfectly formed Venus nipples. So, if you too are a foodie please feel free to comment, post or just peruse my page when ever you so wish. I will steadily post various recipes, pictures, crafty ideas and perhaps a joke or two a couple of times a month. Well, that is the plan at least!

Before I forget, the tarts! The lemon tart is a Mary Berry recipe on BBC Food and the beautiful raspberry and almond tart is from ‘My Little Paris Kitchen’ by the glorious Rachel Khoo. I promise that the next blog will be far more food weighted, I just wanted to “set the scene” first.

Until next time! Raspberry and Almond Tart

Lots of love,

E. Wells  XXX

Click on the links below for the recipes:


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